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Senior Dog Care

May 16, 2022
Our canine companions know many adorable tricks. The cutest one? Their ability to get even more lovable as they get older. Senior dogs are just a joy to be around: they tend to be super sweet and affectionate, and are usually more interested in collecting ear scritches than chasing squirrels. A local Del City, OK vet offers some tips on caring for an older pet in this article.


Fido may get stiff and sore in his golden years. He may also get confused and anxious, as he won’t understand what he’s going through. Keeping him comfortable will go a long way. Thick beds, pet ramps and stairs, and climate control will all help. Ask your vet for more information.


Your four-legged friend will be much more comfortable with soft clean fur. Keep up with your p’s bathing needs. If you have a hard time lifting Fido in and out of the tub, look for a dog wash or groomer with a senior-friendly station. Claw trims and dental care are important as well.


Don’t let Fido become a complete couch potato! If your furry pal doesn’t get enough exercise, his muscles may atrophy and become weak. Activity is also important for his circulation, digestion, and, well, pretty much every other system in his body.


Fido won’t be that zoomy, energetic ball of cute that he once was, but he still needs entertainment and stimulation. Playtime should slowly become less focused on physical activity, and more on things that offer mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys.

Veterinary Care

One of the best things you can do for Fido is make sure he sees his vet regularly. Keep a close eye on your pup’s health, and monitor any changes. If he seems stiff and sore, Ask your vet about holistic options, such as acupuncture.


Dogs in their senior years can easily pack on extra pounds, as they don’t burn off as many calories as their younger counterparts do. Talk to your vet about Fido’s nutritional needs, including tips on supplements, portion sizes, and, when it’s time, switching over to a senior-formula food. Your canine buddy may also be more sensitive to rich and fatty foods, or to changes in his meals or meal schedule. As your Del City, OK animal clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your pooch happy and healthy. Call us anytime!
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