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6 Purrfect Reasons To Create A Catio

June 1, 2022
Is your feline pal spoiled? If so, she’s not alone. Kitties are very, very good at getting us to pamper them! One great way to activate Fluffy’s purr is to make her a catio. A Del City, OK vet lists a few reasons to consider this below.

It’s Safer For Fluffy

Cats do enjoy the entertainment and stimulation being outside provides. However, this comes with significant risk. As soon as your kitty sets her cute little paws outside the door, she is exposed to some very serious threats, such as weather, cars, wild animals, and even stray cats. Your furry friend could also get lost, stolen, hurt, or even poisoned outside. Catios are much safer, as they let Fluffy get her taste of outdoors … without exposing her to any risks.

Plants Make Everything Better

Putting out some pet safe plants will let your pet enjoy a taste of nature, and indulge her inner lioness a bit. You’ll also benefit from them too! Just be sure to choose safe options. For potted trees, you can get Rubber trees, Money trees, Areca palms, or Ponytail palms. Want some classic houseplants? Spider plants, Boston ferns, and calatheas are all good options. You can find more listed on the ASPCA website here.


Kitties always like having things that they don’t have to share. Cat towers are particularly beneficial, as they are multi-purrpose pieces. Fluffy also needs a few scratching posts. If you get a catio, you can put all of your pet’s things there (minus a few beds, of course.) That leaves more interior floor space for you!


Cats certainly do love lounging about, but they can’t sleep all of the time. Catios give your furball something to do. Fluffy can sniff at the plants, investigate her kitty furniture, watch some birds and squirrels, and continue plotting world domination.

Fresh Herbs

Catios are also a great spot for growing fresh herbs. Many culinary favorites, such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, are safe for kitties.

Coffee Spot

You don’t have to sacrifice this space to your feline overlord. Customize it for yourself as well! Get some comfy pieces of furniture for yourself. This may be your favorite coffee/reading nook. Please reach out with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your Del City, OK animal clinic, we’re here for you.
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