Results are worth it

We remain objective and focus on results as we customize treatment plans. In business if we don’t measure it, we can’t track it and plan. We seek to improve our own performance and realize others depend on us, so we minimize activity that doesn’t contribute to results. We don’t confuse activity with results.

Find Joy

We encourage each other so that we like to come to work. We work to make each pet we touch have some joy, even if it’s in the future. We celebrate animals getting well and will go the extra mile to make that happen. We seek to understand the joy that each pet gives its family. We are self-aware so that we don’t create or contribute to negativity that pulls others down.


Trust is the currency of good relationships. We build trust by: Treating others like we want to be treated Being honest about our skills and seeking to improve and teach them to teammates. Doing the right thing when others are not watching Striving to make each pet owner feel safe and accepted within our walls

Strive for new heights

We continue to stretch our knowledge and skills to embrace old and new technologies in medicine and business. We look for opportunities to improve through reading and research. We never stop learning. We seek to provide a great customer experience each time they visit or call and look for ways to make it better or more comfortable for the client and the pet.

Others matter

We realize there is a lot of emotion when an animal is sick, and it’s possible that an owner or animal may display unlovable qualities at times. When we treat animals, we realize they are an extension of our client’s personalities and human animal bond. Therefore, we respect and care for their pets as if they were our own. Our clients matter, and we will make them feel heard both on the phone and in person. We treat each other with respect, including vendors.

New Clients Welcome