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Holistic Medicine

For many pet owners, having the option to choose alternative and integrative therapies for their furry family members is a huge benefit. At Holistic Pet Care Center of Oklahoma, we’re pleased to offer a number of these integrative treatment options.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The ancient art of Chinese herbal medicine can be highly effective in relieving pain, improving and restoring proper organ function, and strengthening the immune system. The ultimate goal of herbal therapy is to return the body to a natural state of balance and wellness without the risk of side effects that traditional pharmaceuticals can often present.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy operates under the theory that the very same substances which cause illness in the body, when used properly, can also counteract those symptoms. Homeopathic medicine uses all natural ingredients to help strengthen the body’s ability to fight off illness and restore a sense of balance. It is particularly useful in managing chronic medical conditions to improve the patient’s overall quality of life.The alternative medicine options at Holistic Pet Care Center of Oklahoma are typically used in conjunction with our traditional Western medical services. However, they can also be used as

standalone treatments in certain cases. Your loved one’s individual situation will be carefully considered when we are developing our treatment recommendation.

If you’re interested in learning how integrative therapy might provide healing and relief for your pet, we invite you to start a conversation today!

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